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Monday, January 10, 2022

Meeting NameChairStart TimeEnd TimeMeeting Room
A3 Power System Communications and Cybersecurity Committee Newcomer’s OrientationPreuss8:00am9:10amGarden 1
P5 Revision of IEEE P1615Bougie8:00am9:10amRoyal Ballroom A
C1 Revision of Guide for PLC ApplicationsBell9:30am10:30amGarden 1
S9 Study Group on Utility IT-OT Cybersecurity Challenges in Roles and TerminologyLaughner9:30am10:30amRoyal Ballroom A
C2 C93.4 – Standard for Power-Line Carrier Line-Tuning EquipmentMcGuire10:40am11:50amGarden 1
S1 Revision of IEEE 1686 IED Cyber Security CapabilitiesLacroix10:40am11:50amRoyal Ballroom A
S14 Study Group for use of HTTP and TLS for devices in Electric Power SystemsKunsman1:00pm2:10pmRoyal Ballroom A
P15 1815.2 DNP3 Profile for DER CommunicationsThibodeau1:00pm2:10pmRoyal Ballroom E
A1 (By Invitation only) Awards and Recognition Working GroupMonterrubio1:00pm2:10pmGarden 1
S10 Study Group on Utility & Municipality Challenges on Understanding Cybersecurity StandardsPack/Mark2:20pm3:30pmGarden 1
P14 Guide,C37.236 Protective Relay Applications Over Digital Communication ChannelsDahlin2:20pm3:30pmRoyal Ballroom A
S2 Serial SCADA Protection Protocol (SSPP) (IEEE P1711.1) / Guide for using Secure SCADA Communications Protocol (SSCP) and Serial SCADA Protection Protocol (SSPP) (IEEE P1711)Cenzon3:40pm4:50pmGarden 1
P21 Study group for system architectures supporting the virtualization of substation protection and control applicationsPreuss5:00pm6:00pmRoyal Ballroom A

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Meeting NameChairStart TimeEnd TimeMeeting Room
S16 Study Group for application of IDS and IPS to Electric Power SystemsCarvalheira8:00am9:10amRoyal Ballroom A
P12 Analog Leased Line End of Life and MigrationBenou9:10am10:30amRoyal Ballroom A
P19 Study Group for Universal Utility Data Exchange (IUUDEX) (From PNNL)S. Mix10:40am11:50amRoyal Ballroom A
P20 Joint Revision of IEC 61850-9-3Vandiver10:40am11:50amGarden 1
P8TF Recommended Mapping Approach between IEEE C37.118.2 and IEC 61850Hu1:00pm2:10pmGarden 1
S15 Guide for Securing Generic Object Oriented System Events (GOOSE) and Sampled Values (SV) Protocols of IEC 61850 using IEC 62351-6 and IEC 62351-9Anderson1:00pm2:10pmRoyal Ballroom A
P2 Electric Power Systems Communications – Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3), 1815 (Double Session 1 of 2)Farquharson2:20pm3:30pmRoyal Ballroom A
P1 Standard Profile for Use of IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol in Power System Applications. Amendment 1: Adding a TLV to indicate the latest IERS-specified UTC Leap Second EventHuntley3:40pm4:50pmGarden 1
P2 Electric Power Systems Communications – Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3), 1815 (Double Session 2 of 2)Farquharson3:40pm4:50pmRoyal Ballroom A
S5 Revision of IEEE C37.240 Cyber Security Requirements for Power System Automation, Protection and Control SystemsKunsman5:00pm6:10pmRoyal Ballroom A

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Meeting NameChairStart TimeEnd TimeMeeting Room
P10 IEEE Standard for Streaming Telemetry Transport Protocol (IEEE P2664)K. Martin8:00am9:10amGarden 1
P13 Beginners’ Guide to IEC 61850Carvalheira8:00am9:10amRoyal Ballroom A
S8 P2658 Guide for Cyberseucrity Testing in Electric Power SystemsWallace9:20am10:30amRoyal Ballroom A
S7 Cyber Services and Cybersecurity Designations, (IEEE P2808)Wallace10:40am11:50amRoyal Ballroom A
C0 PSCC Power Line Carrier Subcommittee Palmer 10:40am11:50amVirtual
S0 Cybersecurity Subcommittee MeetingMix1:00pm2:15pmGarden 1
P0 PSCC Protocols and Communication Architecture SubcommitteeVandiver4:00pm5:15pmGarden 1

Thursday, January 13, 2021

Meeting NameChairStart TimeEnd TimeMeeting Room
PSCC MC Power System Communications and Cybersecurity (PSCC) Main Committee MeetingPreuss11:00am1:00pmRoyal Ballroom A