Power System Communications & Cybersecurity Committee

The PSCC has two meeting rooms running in parallel. The PSCC main committee meeting is scheduled for Friday. 

The agenda will be posted on the PSCC Committee website near the first of December, 2020. As was done in September, the agenda will contain links to register in WebEx for each individual meeting you wish to participate. Please understand that registering in WebEx for individual meetings is separate from registering for the January meeting in 123signup. 


You are required to register for the meeting in 123signup using the link below to obtain access the meeting rooms. The early registration fee is $35 for each attendee. Early registration ends on Thursday, January 7th. The password will be sent to all registered participants on Friday, January 8th. The registration fee goes up to $70 after early registration ends. Only credit card transactions are accepted. 

The link given below for registration is personalized to your profile. Please use this link to register for the meeting. If you have previously completed your profile and the system prompts you to enter personal information again, it may mean that you are using a different email address than the one in your profile. Please back out and use the correct email to avoid creating duplicate records. If you use the personalized link below, this should not happen.

Click here to register on line

The event details are as follows:

  Organization:  Power System Communications and Cybersecurity Committee
  Event Name:  20210111 PSRC and PSCC Committees, January, 2021 Meeting
  Date(s):     [Jan 11 2021, 08:00 AM] – [Jan 15 2021, 03:00 PM]
  Location:    WebEx Virtual Meeting
  Click here for event information

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For further information contact:
IEEE PES Power System Communications and Cybersecurity Committee
Contact: James Formea, PSCCC Secretary